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Photos that confirms Falz and Simi dating rumors… CHEMISTRY Joint EP

Sometime in the month of October, 2016, Falz and Simi released their Joint EP photo shots together and they looked very much like pre-wedding pictures — even the internet had an epic reaction to it.

Falz and Simi seem to understand their audience a little more than other artistes and have had us talking about them for weeks non-stop as they released one corny ass pre-wedding shoot after the other.

Falz dressed up in Black suit and Simi in wine-red gown


Actually, this gave us the mind that Falz and Simi have something in common, but what we know now is that these pictures are promotional materials for their ‘Chemistry‘ EP.

Falz and Simi dressed up in Tai-Quando outfits for a photo session


Falz and Simi poses with a Wrangler Jeep


Their VINTAGE oriented poses in casual outfits


Falz and Simi on a bike and dressed up


Falz and Simi in Yoruba attire


In a bid to recreate the magic of their powerhouse duet, “Soldier”, on an even bigger scale, Falz and Simi have released a joint E.P titled Chemistry – and suddenly the endless photo-shoots all make sense.

While Simi is yet to release her sophomore album (following her gospel album, Ogaju), all her singles have been tremendous so far and Falz’s Stories That Touch was arguably the best Nigerian album of last year – so, yes, this collaboration is a match made in heaven. Just no more pictures guys, please and thank you.

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You can get Falz and Simi’s new E.P right here on iTunes.

Photo credit: tcd Photography

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