10 BRUTAL faces Nigerian girls give to this sentence – I Love You

Toasting a Nigerian girl is not for the weak minded actually. You need to know how to present your case very well or you can just loose a lot of respect, so in order to get the reaction that you want, you must be very careful — Yeah, you heard me right, you must be very CAREFUL!

No matter how skilled you are, though, you’d get curved once or twice. Here are some of the brutal replies that Nigerian girls give, instead of saying ‘I love you too’.

1. “LOL, Okay”

Seriously, when you get this reply, just end the conversation and move on with your life.

2. “Awww!”

This is the reply you get when she’s trying to be nice and not hurt your feelings too much,or she still wants you around for the freebies.

3. “KK”

This is the coldest, and most brutal reply you can ever get when you’re toasting a Nigerian girl who doesn’t like you.

4. “What do you want me to do right now?”

Like seriously?!! This is a rhetorical question, do not attempt to give a reply.

5. “That’s your business, Ok?”

Another brutal reply — Generally gotten from — TomBoys — Just take your “ela” and be going bruh, it won’t work. Just take heart and kill whatever love you have for her, because it will never happen.

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6. “And, I love me too”

This reply is used by the girls who are really hot and know it. No love for you there.

7. ”Oh, ok. Good to know”

The most sarcastic reply, so what you still waiting for? Isn’t it time yet for you to move ahead?

8. “Oh, That’s nice”

Another sarcastic reply, because there’s clearly nothing nice about it. Just imagine that moment you’re actually talking to a runz girl.

9. “Do you have money to love me? Ijikwa Ego?”

Hey Mr. Man, don’t go for this particular business, because she will only consume your money and you will be left with no profit. Well, if you don’t have money obviously, just face your front. Ok?

10. “Eya”

She’s pitying you because the “ela” you will get if you persist will be hotter than fire.

However, Nigerian girls are still the best though, despite all these risky reactions from them. What do you think?

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