We all loved these 7 subjects as kids while in Nigerian school

School was not entirely the most fun thing for kids.

In Nigeria, exams never helped matters at all, but the thought of these subjects made some moments worthwhile as they were great. But who exam don ep?


Well, here are those subjects we all loved as a kid in Nigerian school.

1. Food and Nutrition/Home Economics

Home economics

Who doesn’t love talking about food and secondarily, hygiene? The best parts of this class were practicals time when we were allowed to try our hands and cook tasty meals.

2. Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK)


CRK was like bible study and if you grew up in a religious home or paid attention in Sunday school, it would be stress-free for you.

3. Fine Art


Fine Art was great! Coming to class to paint and draw and sculpt. Who didn’t want that?

4. Physical and Health Education


This was one of the best. Playing and exercising outside the classroom and getting graded for it? Wonderful subject!

5. Literature In English

English class

Well, it’s not every student that likes this subject ( I personally didn’t like it at all due to heavy NOVELS and TEXTBOOKS that normally accompabies iy.) However, the exams were tough but acting as Julius Ceaser in dramas and having books read out to you was pretty great especially when these stories were interesting.

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6. Social Studies

Social Studies

Social Studies was one of those subjects that we enjoyed because it told interesting stories and cool historic happenings.

7. Music


do re mi fa so la ti do! Do you remember that basic song that they ask you to repeat till fade? Yeah you do obviously, And we loved goofing around with the recorder and other musical instruments anyway.

So tell us, which of the subjects was your favorite?

Did you enjoy it or want more?

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