Pro tips to prepare yourself for Black Friday

Black Friday is the busy online market days of the year.

The time when we run to banks to spend part of our savings and even get loans from peers just to make sure we grab amazing deals during the Black Friday online shopping.

The term, Black Friday is known as a popular tag-name by online stores like Jumia, Konga, Dealdey and retail outlets for DISCOUNTS, and it will never be complete without the customer getting huge savings during that period as businesses witness huge patronages from excited customers for low costs of items on sale.

Like seriously, who doesn’t like huge AWOOF as it is known locally in? Well, below we have some crazy tips you can actually use for saving huge on this coming Black Friday.

1. Start planning

Planning some weeks towards Black Friday is the best way to keeping a control over your spending during that period. Your planning should include the top places you will do your shopping based on assurance you will get better discounts for those items you want to buy, list of items you want to buy just to make sure you do not buy things you will necessarily not need and you should also have maximum amount you want to spend so as not to overspend during the event as the period is also close to Christmas, and you know the January culture of money scarcity because of so many spending sprees in December.

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2. Be quick, But don’t hurry

It is a common saying that “the early bird catches the worm. Of course, you know that everyone is looking forward to Black Friday so you must be as quick as you can. And part of preparations to ensure this is so is getting good internet (side-eye all the crappy internet providers). Also, some deals are exclusive to the mobile app as it has been in the past so just get it for a day. It won’t kill you.

3. Follow the shopping sites on social media

If you ordinarily don’t follow these sites on social media, Black Friday is always a good time to do so. Normally, vouchers and discount codes are given out. Sometimes, direct links to items are even put up so it’ll save you time and energy to follow for the period and do as you please afterwards. Also, it keeps you in the know as to when the shopping spree begins.

4. Patronize competitive businesses

Always try to keep at least two competitive businesses that you know trade items on your list so that you will be able to do a comparison on which offers the best deals on your intended item to be purchased. This way by buying from the business offering the best price, you will be able to save for other stuff on your list.

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5. Shop needs, not per basket size

Pro tips to prepare yourself for Black Friday

This part applies to some of us that will be doing the offline shopping at a mall or at some of the popular retail chains around. Always stick to your needs based on what you have on your list. It is very tempting when you compare the content of your basket to other people’s own especially while on your way to checkout. Whether full or not, as far as it satisfies your list and budget, that is it. Do not try to get the basket filled because everyone else has baskets filled or nearly filled.

6. Decide on spending with cash or credit card

If you plan on spending a lot, a credit card might be your best option in order to reap as many reward points as possible. In addition, if you plan on making electronics purchases, most credit cards will offer purchase protection on these types of items. You may even consider opening up a store credit card.

But if you’re the impulsive type, you might want to bring a fixed amount of cash in order to prevent impulse buying. It’s a lot easier to spend money with credit versus cash.

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