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Olajumoke speaking English in this video will surprise you

Hopefully, you still recall the bread seller turned beauty model, right?

Olajumoke speaking English in this video will surprise you

Well, if you don’t know her already, she’s Olajumoke Orisaguna — the model who walked into luck when she photobombed TY Bello’s photoshoot with Tinie Tempah.

Well, Jumoke has been off the radar for a while which had people asking questions but hopefully, this video of her is all the proof you need that she’s doing pretty good right now.

The video has the Shirley’s Confectionery Ambassador speaking good English as she rehearsed a script given to her.

Prior to her big debut, Olajumoke communicated in Yoruba and there was the need to translate and it’s such a beautiful thing that she’s working on herself and indeed that some of the promises made to her were kept… Well done Olajumoke!

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