Top 5 ways to get into Christmas mood and spirit

Christmas is upon us people, and it’s totally okay if you haven’t gotten into the Christmas spirit yet!

It takes time for the best people though — except you want to be the Grinch for Christmas, here are 5 ways to get into the right mood and spirit for Christmas celebration.

1. Watch Christmas movies

Let’s start from there. We compiled a list of classic Christmas movies that we just got in time for Christmas and watching them will put you in the right mood to be actually honest.

2. Listen to Christmas songs


Another easy way to slide into the Christmas spirit is by listening to the angelic voices rendering Christmas songs. There are a lot of Nigerian versions of popular carols on the internet or alternatively, you could get the classic Christmas albums and compilations.

3. Put up some decoration

Or go around town to look at them if you can’t. There are a lot right now and here are some beautiful pictures of the ones in Victoria Island. Last last, put up those singing Christmas lights and let the spirit get to you.

4. Give out gifts

It’s a pretty decent way to show love to people who have been supportive throughout the year and also, get into the Christmas spirit. You could extend your gifting to charitable organizations as well.

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5. Attend Christmas parties

owambe money spraying nigeria party

There are a lot of Christmas parties happening around you. In short, there are a lot of events around you in preparation for Christmas. So hop on one and hang out with people who are probably excited about the festivities and their joy may just tell off on you.

Do you have other ways you normally use to glide into the Xmas spirit? If you wouldn’t mind, you can share it with us or share our own to your friends and family.

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