Can you explain these 5 pictures of Nigerian Santa Claus

Actually for kids, one of the most visible highlights of Christmas is Santa Claus who is popularly known in Nigeria as — Father Christmas.

He is a legendary figure of Western culture who is said to bring gifts to the homes of well-behaved children for Christmas. As the tradition is, schools and other Christmas events where children are expected to be at have someone dressed as Santa Claus. He’s supposed to look like this…

But to our greatest surprise, we’re seeing a different person here in Nigeria. Check out the various Nigerian Santa Claus we’ve come across:

1. This one that is just here drinking Guinness Stout and chilling

Image: Nairaland

WTF?!! Wyd Santa?

2. This one with a different shade of red and an empty bag

Image: Nairaland

Hmm… what gifts are you giving tho?

3. This one that’s confusing us on all levels

Image: Nairaland

Wait!!! Please are those his elves? And is that his gift bag? Like seriously?!

4. This one that looks scary and freaky

Image: Kokofeed

That moment when Santa looks exactly like your village Masquerade. God forbid this one… Suspect tbh!!!

5. This one that is so endowed

Image: Nairaland

Chisos is Lawd! I mean… How can a Santa Claus be looking like this? Ahn ahn #GiveThem #SantaGoneBad

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It’s ok… ok… it’s ok. Please if you spot any other variant of Nigerian father Christmas (Santa Claus), do us a favor and send us a picture? You can also check out All the ways to get into Christmas mood and spirit

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