12 Things Everyone who wear glasses can relate to in Nigeria

Agree with us or not, wearing glasses is nothing but just stress.

Coupled with the fact that you can barely see anything whenever you take them off your eyes, and there are some extra struggles you have to face. Here are some things that everyone who wears glasses can definitely relate to in Nigeria:

1. When everyone calls you ‘Efiko’ or ‘Professor’

Image- Giphy

I’m not sure how having an eye defect translates to being smart.

2. When people take off your glasses and say ‘How many fingers am I holding up?’

blind meme

Silly questions.

3. When someone asks if your glasses are ‘shakommended’



4. When someone wears your glasses and says ‘ah you’re really blind o’.

meme beyonce

‘Like I didn’t know that already’

5. When you have to keep readjusting them all day so they don’t slip off

adjust glasses

Is it now a crime to be partially blind?

6. How you look when you try to lie down and watch TV

sleep glasses

People will always think you’re sleeping… And next, this happens.

7. When they get dirty even though you just cleaned them

ohhh meme

You will just get mad and tired of cleaning.

8. And when it rains you’re practically helpless

glasses rain

You can imagine how sorry-looking you will be.

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9. You when you lose your glasses and you have to search for them

find glasses gif

10. When you break your glasses or misplace them for the 1000th time

cant handle meme

The worst part is, you can’t see without them.

11. And this is how you look after hustling for Danfo or Mo’olue

glasses foxx

12. When you get new frames and everyone says you look good



The struggle of wearing glasses in Nigeria is real, and not just what you should handle.

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