9 African crazy hairstyles you’ve never seen

In African homes, most of our culture don’t really allow to exhibit some of the craziest looks we have in mind.

However, that doesn’t mean some people haven’t succeeded in showing off how crazy they can be with their hairstyles in the name of fashion. Here at Doronize, we will list all the African crazy hairstyle we have ever seen so far:

1. Fro-Braid-Fro

This kind of Afro is not meant for those people with good reputation.

2. Retro meets Star Wars

That’s if you’re just into Star Wars movie series sha.

3. A whole new type of comb-over

I don’t know what to say about this one, we just cannot get employed with this particular hairstyle.

4. The Flamingo hairstyle

Lol… Flaming hairstyle should be the perfect name somehow

5. Zip-it hairstyle

Imagine when you have zip in your hair

6. A new kind of 59fifty snapback

Using your hair as face-cap is wondeful, but how responsible will you be looking with it?

7. The Helicopter hairstyle

Hmmm… flight mode activated sha!

8. Afro uncut

This is obviously when afro went totally wrong

9. Building blocks

You can leave comment for this one by yourself sha

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