6 Reasons you should spend Christmas in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Port Harcourt in the south-south Nigeria can simply be described as Nigeria’s second economic haven. The state is popular for having huge oil deposits which is the mainstay of Nigeria’s economy. The oil-rich city was named Port Harcourt in honour of Lewis Vernon Harcourt by Sir Frederick Lugard in August 1913. It features beautiful coastal sandy beaches navigating through major cities and towns.


It’s a perfect destination for anyone looking to indulge this Christmas. In addition, there is the Port Harcourt Carnival tagged CARNIRIV which is one of the most popular events everyone in Port Harcourt looks forward to. As a visitor, you can access this city via the International Airport or by road. Jumia Travel unveils the fun things you can do when you are out and about in the Garden City this long weekend.

1. Isaac Boro Garden Park

This is a popular garden park located at the south end of Aba road. This park was named after Major Isaac Boro who died in the Biafran war. The tomb of the soldiers here marks those who fell in the world wars. The park is a popular venue for live music, picnic and other events including trade fairs. Mr. George Amadakabo who resides in the Garden City said: “I live in Port Harcourt and I have visited the Isaac Boro Garden located on Aba road several times and I can say that it is a perfect place to relax and have fun this Christmas.”

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2. Port Harcourt Cultural Centre

According to Amadakabo, full experience moment of PH city is the Port Harcourt Cultural Centre. This centre Amadakabo says is where culture meets arts. You can watch stage plays and cultural dances while admiring beautifully carved artifacts and handicrafts on sale. They are significant souvenirs to buy to remind you of a visit to the oil city.

3. Port Harcourt tourist beach

The Port Harcourt tourist beach is located on an artificial sand beach along the Kolabi creek east of the old township. It serves as the perfect leisure and relaxation spot coupled with a bush-bar restaurant selling fresh palm wine, local dishes and entertainment. The beach also has a jetty, a restaurant, wildlife, museum and games room. A visit to the beach offers all-around fun to fun-seekers.

4. Shopping

The Mile One market along Ikwerre road is a popular place to visit to feel the pulse of a buzzing city. You can buy everything from fashion items to consumer goods as well as laugh at the shenanigans of the sellers as they attempt to poach customers. But if you do not fancy going to the market, Amadakabo advises you to visit places like Park n’ Shop, Everyday Emporium, and the Craft Centre to do all your shopping.

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5. Eating

A metropolitan city like Port Harcourt never lacks fantastic and awesome spots to eat. You can eat great cuisine at one of the many well-established restaurants or ‘bukkas’ along the streets of Port Harcourt. Amadakabo adds that some of the best restaurants in PH are Chicken Calypso Fast food and restaurant, Bouvati fast food and Portofino foods are among the popular restaurants.

6. Sleeping

The era of running helter-skelter searching for a hotel to sleep in is over with entry of booking portal into the hospitality industry. Travelers can now book hotels ahead of their trip. Affordable hotels in Port Harcourt include Sparklyn Hotels & Suites GRA; 1804 Boutique Hotel and Best Premier Hotel & Resort Port Harcourt. So, if you are looking for where to spend this long weekend, Port Harcourt should be on your priority list, as advised by Amadakabo.

Do you have any other reason why people should spend their Christmas holidays in Port Harcourt?

Source: Adeniyi Ogunfowoke is a PR associate at Jumia Travels.

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