4 Major reasons to rock Dj Khaled iSlides this Christmas

DJ Khaled has gifted us some great news for those of us in need of shower shoes and/or athletic slides to dress down your luxury sweatsuits for the holiday season — so like, everyone probably. His new line of iSlides are available for purchase, and they’re everything you could ever need for this Christmas.

Here at, we’re going to list out all the reasons why you should rock Dj Khaled iSlides this Christmas.

1. Harmattan

As we Nigerians have already known, harmattan season is not all that funny to the looks of our legs. The cracks, whitish-ash-like scratch marks makes our legs look so awful, and that is exactly what nobody hopes for this xmas. So Dj Khaled iSlide can actually cover you when worn with sucks.

2. Cold Temperature

It’s true that here in Nigeria we don’t experience snowfall, but that doesn’t mean some part of the country experience excess decrease in temperature (that is excess cold). The slide can actually protect you from cold due to the fact that the synthetic sole is very thick in such a way that cold cannot penetrate.

3. Prestige and Respect

We all want to join the clique of people who are JANDED (Those who have traveled to foreign countries) right? Dj Khaled iSlide will possibly put you straight into that clique of people because it’s made and produced by a world popular Dj. Besides that, foreign foot-wears gives people more prestige here in Nigeria than the usual ones we can always get in the local markets.

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4. Fashion and Styles

Slides are the kind of slide-on foot-wears that fits almost every outfit you can think of — be it native, foreign made or just anything. Dj Khaled iSlide comes in different colors just in case you want to get different colors for every outfit that you have to wear this Christmas.

Have you bought yours already? Can we see the color already?

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