These 10 signs shows you’re doing well in life

Sometimes life seems to be falling backwards in a weird way — everything you’ve ever worked and struggled for looks like they’re all falling apart at the seam.


Well, that everything is not just on God’s speed doesn’t really mean your life is kind of ruined, there are some little things that shows you’re still on the right lane and doing very well in life. is listing all of them out for you right away:

1. You’ve learned in life

No one said life was easy and while the bumps on the road may hurt, the ride is definitely worth it. Each difficulty has led you to where you are at today, each trial has moulded you into the resilient, person that you are. Continue to move forward in faith, hope and love, knowing that each experience has taught you what you need to become who you were born to be.

2. You have a bed to sleep in

There are millions who will trade everything to have somewhere to lay at night. Be more grateful for your bed and don’t take it for granted.

3. You strive to be better

In the grand scheme of things, you always strive to be better and for as long as you continue to do that, happiness, success and love will come – just don’t give up. Einstein once said;

“It’s not that I am so smart, it’s that I stay with problems longer.”

Hang in there and never stop striving to be all you can be!

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4. Knowledge is at your fingertips

In this day and age, you can learn anything and everything you want. Knowledge is truly at your fingertips!

Since knowledge is power, seize that power and let it assist you in the pursuit of your dreams. Take advantage of all the “learning” opportunities that come your way.

5. You have food to eat

Sometimes a bit more than you should! Food is such an overlooked blessing, yet if you miss it for a few hours you start feeling the necessity of it. Take the time to enjoy your next meal, whatever that is, savor each bite and remind yourself that happiness is found in enjoying the simple things of life, such as eating a piece of pie.

6. You have clean water

This one should not be overlooked. Around 783 million people do not have access to clean water around the globe. Be thankful and fully aware that you are doing well in life even if you don’t think so.

7. You still have a dream

Whatever your dream is, it’s yours. You have the ability to embrace it and create it. Don’t give up on dreaming or on your dreams. They are what life’s best things are made up of.

8. You have clothes to wear

And sometimes too many options, which trumps your productivity, but that is another subject. The bottom line is, you don’t have to go naked through the streets or poorly dressed. You enjoy the blessing of being properly dressed for every occasion and have the ability to shield your body from the elements. Really, life would get very cold without clothes.

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9. You can still forgive someone

Can you imagine what this world would look like without forgiveness? Never mind the world, just your life! Imagine how bogged down, bitter and unhappy you would be if you did not have the ability to forgive other’s mistakes as well as your own. It would make it nearly impossible to live and most definitely a nightmare to move on with life when difficulties arose. You have the unique gift of forgiving and moving on.

10. You have faith that everything is still going work well

For all the times you were so caught up in your own little world and drowning in a kiddie pool version of life’s problems, you’ve had the ability to step back and realize that you have something greater to live for than yourself. Whether it is God, your family or friends, you can believe that your purpose is to achieve something that will be for the greater good or to simply bring honor to your God.

How well are you doing in your life right now?

Did you enjoy it or want more?

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