5 Gifts you shouldn’t give your Nigerian Bae this season

The festive season is upon us and romance has never been as alive as it is now. So it will be a good idea not to give your bae anything in this season than to give her any of the gifts listed here on

You see, it is often correctly said that love is all about giving and absence of giving often points to an absence of genuine love.

Bae gifting

Of course, gifts do not have to be tangible or visible all the time as you could give your time, attention, care and other immaterial stuff.

Well, this is a list of some gift items you’re already advised to stay away from, when it comes to giving your partner something for the season.

1. Flowers

You might be feeling romantic and for some reason think a single rose or even a big bouquet will be cool to give your partner as a gift this season… please, don’t.

Here’s why: it has been confirmed that many, many Nigerian women do not regard flowers as valid gifts.

2. Cards

Hmm… Do i still need to talk here? No matter how beautiful and gorgeous the card looks, bruh, don’t do it. Naija babes don’t just value cards as gifts.

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Especially when the gift-card is bland, impersonal and not gorgeous, it will be frankly a terrible choice of gift for this season. Though you can attach the card as a secondary gift — maybe a car. *WINKS*;)

3. Oversized or undersized clothes

The simple conclusion to be drawn from this is that: you have not been paying enough attention to your significant other.

You should never get your sweetheart clothes that don’t fit, especially not now.

The only time you are permitted to make this mistake is if you have been dating for less than three months.

4. Ugly underwear

In case you did not know, there are panties women refer to as ‘period panties.’

These are often ugly and without much aesthetic value. Stay away from these if you are thinking of buying your girl some underwear this season.

Go instead for lingerie, the sexy and totally cute type. Whether it’s bra or panties you wish to buy, make sure you don’t get drab ones.

5. Wrong makeup for her skin tone

Bruh, i want my candid advise, i will tell you to totally back-off from this particular idea, because most times, we guys don’t know or care that much about all these things, so the possibility of getting the wrong type of makeup is very high.

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You might even get yourself in trouble for not knowing the right shade of her makeup after all the time you guys have dated for.

So what did you get for your bae this season? What was her reaction after seeing it?

Did you enjoy it or want more?

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