12 Reasons why your man hasn’t proposed yet [Ladies Only]

Everyone knows you’re dating, and the both of you have been together for a very long time. Even your friends and family are tired of waiting for you to announce your engagement, so they can come and eat Jollof and dance.

You’re at your wit’s end and you just can’t fathom why he hasn’t asked you to marry him yet. Because we know you’re so awesome and there’s no practical reason why he hasn’t asked yet, we decided to help out with a few reasons why he might’ve not ask you to be his wife.

1. He used all his money to invest in MMM

There you have it, instead of using the money to plan for a wedding he’d rather use it for MMM — when even Mavrodi himself warning against using the money that is meant for something serious.

2. A side-chick is somewhere eating all his money

While you’re there trying to form wife material and prove that you can manage money, someone else is using his money to buy iPhone 7 and all the latest weaves in town. Of course, he can’t afford a wedding.

3. He’s just so BROKE like Mc Hammer Broke

If you’ve heard him say things like ‘weddings are just a waste of money’, and ‘why do we need a certificate of marriage to validate our love?’ He probably does not have any money and is trying to con you into saying you shouldn’t married or having a wedding.

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4. He just wants to test you first

If you insist that you plan to stay a virgin until marriage, and he has not asked you to marry him, he probably just wants to sleep with you first.

5. Folks on Instagram warned against getting married to you because you fought with him recently

Maybe you should think back to the last time you had a huge fight with him, and it’s also possible that he prolly shared the details of the fight with Joro Olumofin IG page and the wise people of Instagram advised him not to marry you.

6. He used all the money to show off in the hood for his friends

If he likes living beyond his means and always buys the latest gadgets that he can’t afford, it means that he’s in too much debt to plan a wedding. To him, the latest iPhone is better than a wife.

7. Your supposed Mother-In-Law to be does not like you

If his mother does not like you, just stop expecting that ring. It’s not coming anytime soon especially if he’s a mummy’s boy

8. You don’t seem to be a good dancer to him

If your boyfriend is a party person and has a lot of party friends, if he thinks you can’t dance he won’t be proposing anytime. Just so you don’t disgrace him on the dance floor during your wedding.

9. His village native told him you’re a witch

If he’s fetish and he consulted some people about marrying you, they might have told him you’re a witch, and now he’s just too scared to break up with you.

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10. Hian… He thinks you’re simply coatly to maintain

The picture above is how you look in his mind if you have grand plans for the wedding of your dreams, and he’s intimidated by all the huge plans. As a man he will not want to bring down his pride, so he finds a simple way to postpone everything till he makes money that can clear up the potential bills already, and that is why he invested all his money in MMM… Lol!

11. He’s a social media activist, and he loves it more than you

If he’s always tweeting when you guys hand out and always taking pictures for snapchat, we rest our case.

12. He’s one of the Yoruba Demons

He has never had marriage in mind. He just wanted to have fun with you and take a run out of your life ASAP as a boss of his own.

I guess you already know the possible reasons why your boyfriend hasn’t proposed yet. So tell us how you’re going to deal with it.

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