17 Things every Nigerian woman with Braids can relate to

Braids are awesome for ladies. They look really pretty, and they are quite versatile, so getting braids done is always a win for ladies. However, it comes with some struggles.

Here are some common struggles that every Nigerian woman face getting her braids done.

1. When you hear the current price of hair extensions

And the hairdresser tells you you’d have to buy two.

2. Knowing that you’d have to spend the whole day at the Salon

3. When they start braiding it and your hair hurts a lot, but you’re trying to hold back the tears

4. When more than one hairdresser tries to pull your head off your neck because they’re plaiting in different directions

5. You constantly feel around to know much hair is left.

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6. When you think you have just two braids left and it gets split into 10 again!

You’ll be like, “Chisos! What is still holding it from finishing?!”

7. Then you remember that they still have to dip it in hot water AND trim it

OMG!!! What is this sef?

8. When the hairdresser asks someone to put water on fire

That is when you will know that the journey is about to come to an end finally.

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9. When they dip it in hot water and some of it splashes on you

Ouuuch! That hurts.

10. But you finally finish and see that you look amazing

Mmhmm… Time to start shakara!

11. Then you try to sleep at night but can’t find a way to place your head because it hurts too much

12. Then your Man or Husband pulls it backwards when you both are having bed pleasure and he’s riding you Doggy

13. And all too soon they start falling out

14. And you can’t figure out how to pack them because they are just too heavy.

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15. Trying not to itch it too much so it can stay neat for a while

16. When it’s time to take it out

16. Then you remember all the amazing compliments you got.

Lol! Do you pass through all these struggles? Now for men, how many times have you followed your girlfriend or wife to the salon to see what they pass through just to look good for you?

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