These 12 Things Identifies Nigerians that has Poverty Mentality

You never really know you have a poverty mentality until you hang around rich people. You just can’t hide it if you have it


But is out to show you the 12 things you do that shows you have a serious poverty mentality.

1. Constant search for cheaper alternatives

Cheap bags

Cheaper is not always better, hence if you always go for the cheaper options to save some coins, you could be on the highway to a lifetime of poverty.

2. Obsession with free entries and ‘good deals’


If you are one who always lives for promotions and better deals for products, you are exactly the people corporations target to make poorer.

3. Constantly denying yourself of things

Buying a nice pair of shoes does not always mean you are rich. It could simply mean you can afford to spoil yourself once in a while. This can challenge you to be a better version of yourself financially.

4. Belief that you are a victim of other people’s choices


You cannot blame you friend for failing to help you out when you are in need. Imagine a situation where your friend was to lend you some money for a major investment but ended up disappointing you, and you consequently dropped the idea. Trust me, your friend is not to blame for that.

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5. Immense fear of spending money on ‘non-essentials’

People always say you should invest your money for a better future. What these people never told you is that being too rigid in your spending such that you deny yourself some essential things is a sure way of dying poor. Take that to the bank.

6. Fear of stigma when you mention an accomplishment


When you mention financial strides, don’t be afraid to say it out loud. Declaring it may actually work well for your confidence and motivation.

7. Guilt when you have more than someone else

You should never feel bad because of the things you own. You earned it and you deserve to feel content with being better placed financially than your friends.

8. Living in discomfort to save money

In the event of a blackout, if you are still using candles when you can afford a rechargeable fan, then something is definitely off. Why would you risk your life because you do not want to spend money buying a rec

9. You are always calculating the cost

If your friends suggest a Friday night outing and the first thing that comes to your mind is the financial implication, then you have a poor person’s mentality. Hanging out once in a while never hurt anybody. You need to change.

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10. Belief that you are lucky when you succeed, incompetent when you fail

Whoever feels lucky to be on planet earth certainly has his/her mind in the wrong place. We were all made to succeed and as such, success should strike you as an essential, rather than sheer luck.

11. Feeling inferior

There is no need for to be feeling inferior when you are around people who have more than you. Just because you do not have does not mean you should allow anybody intimidate you. That is just a poor person’s mentality.

12. Always rejoicing when something bad happens to a rich person

You are denying yourself the opportunity of being rich if you keep rejoicing at other peoples downfall. It cannot be well with you if all you do is wish evil for other people.

So do you think you have poverty mentality now?

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