7 Solid lies we’ve heard from our Nigerian Parents

Nigerian parents can deceive us as much as they want, but the young shall grow… lol!!!

As kids, we depended on our parents for a lot of things (mainly, truths), and in our eyes, they couldn’t do any wrong. Little did we know that they lied to us on a regularly basis, and sold us dreams we always wish for. Here are some lies you once or prolly told as a kid.

1. ‘Tell me the truth, I won’t beat you’

This was the tactic they used when they were trying to get you to confess to a wrongdoing. The truth never set anyone free. They always flogged us.

2. ‘Borrow me some of the money Aunty Ogoh gave you, I’ll pay you back.’

Na so meme

Oya come collect am back make we see. They never paid back joor! Even when you ask, they’d mention all the things they do for you for free.

3. ‘Oya go and wear your shoes, I’m waiting for you.’

Lies Lies Everywhere: Toy Story

By the time you come back with the shoes, they’d be nowhere to be found.

4. ‘I always came first in class.’

I smell Lies meme

If everyone’s parents came first in class, then who came second?

5. If you sit near a boy, you’d get pregnant

Na So Meme

As if pregnancy is transmitted through mere skin contact.

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6. Mummy’s tummy is big because she ate too much

Photo Credit: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

This was the lie they used to explain pregnancy.

7. If a lizard sees your teeth it won’t grow back

Image: Photobucket/ Fashion Hayley

They just made up a random lie so we wouldn’t flash our missing teeth everywhere.

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