Do you really know President Buhari’s real age? Read This now!!

President Muhammadu Buhari has always been a controversial figure for some Nigerians, but none of the controversies surrounding him as the current president of Nigeria has generated so many questions than the ones asked about his academic qualifications.

Now a new one has surfaced — The President’s detractors have yet again raised an issue about his real age since his regime.

What exactly is President Muhammadu Buhari’s real age?

Since he declared his intention to run for president, Buhari’s personality has come under close scrutiny. Just before the 2015 presidential elections the opposition said he would not be able to rule due to his age, but later, the president declared that his age will not affect his job.

Then at the age of 72, Buhari has the wisdom, the patience, and the temperance that age brings and has brought all these virtues to the presidency to make a difference in our national life.

Now after a year in office it seems questions about the President’s age won’t go away.

President Buhari is believed to be 73 years of age, but recently, some news outlets reported that the president received his 1953 classmates at the Aso Rock Villa.

But this is 2016 and from 1953 to 2016 is calculated as 63yrs. Those who have made it their duty to calculate the president’s age are questioning if Buhari was 10 years when he attended secondary school as of then. They have also asked if the president has been lying about his real age.

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Another awkward situation was on the eve of President Muhammadu Buhari’s 73 birthday, when a former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo felicitated with him in what may be described as a Freudian slip. Obasanjo allegedly wished Buhari happy 78th birthday. This further heightened the speculations surrounding President Buhari’s real age.

Could it also have been that Obasanjo knows what the average Nigerian does not know, or is it that his memory is failing him? What do you think of President Buhari’s real age?

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