See what we’ve learnt from Ghana Kumawood epic Mortal Kombat movie

Ghana Kumawood’s version of Mortal Kombat is available for movie lovers, and it’s totally epic.

Watch the trailer below before we continue:

We have watched it too and here are 6 things we learned.

1. Hollywood’s Got Nothing On Kumawood

Whatever Hollywood can do, Kumawood can do better. Oh yes!

2. The Costumes Were Just On Point


Ghanaian tailors have talent.

3. The Narrator Absolutely Nailed It

Just listen and judge for yourself.

4. Special Effects Be What?

Lui Kang hanging in the air, Jax’s arm, Sub-Zero’s freezing powers. You name it because Kumawood just nailed it.

5. The Sounds Effect Crew Deserve A Special Place In Heaven

Every blow has a bgush! And if you know Mortal Kombat, you can’t ask for more with these sound effects.

6. This Is The Best Action Movie You’ll See In The Next Decade

Please, this is not arguable.

Can our Nollywood make something as epic as this without showing us how to use JuJu?

Did you enjoy it or want more?

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