8 Things we discovered that truly satisfies Nigerians

Nigerians at times can be very funny with what satisfies all of them sometimes.

They always tend to get satisfied by things that you least expected could actually satisfy not just Nigerians, but anybody on this world Earth. We are listing all the things we noticed that most Nigerians get satisfactions from:

1. That breeze when you’re at the back of Okada Bike

2. When you buy okpa in the morning and it’s still hot

3. When you got to your favorite Buka and they just brought the Amala right from fire


4. That moment when you ordered food only to find out that you’re just served pounded yam instead of poundo yam

5. When you hear that siren from your neighbor which signifies that NEPA don bring light

6. That peaceful and wonderful moment when everyone in the street turns off their generator sets

7. When they finally reconnects your house light after 3 months of no light and total black-out

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8. When you take your car to a mechanic shop and the technician finds only one fault with the car

9. Being able to pee at anywhere is the best that can happen to some kinds of people in Nigeria

Which of these things satisfies you? Have you noticed some of them already?

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