6 Things Nigerians with phone anxiety can relate to

The real question is, how can someone be anxious of their phone? Ordinarily, you are supposed to be attached or addicted to your phone as you receive calls and chat on instant messaging platforms.

However, some people can be anxious when their phone rings. So if you’re going through phone anxiety, Here at we have gathered 6 Things Nigerians with phone anxiety can relate to.

1. You send text messages instead of calling

There is absolutely nothing wrong with sending a text message. It is cheap. But when you send text messages instead of calling, you may probably be anxious. This is because you don’t want to speak to the person despite the fact that you missed their calls.

2. Your phone is always on silent

You are not busy or in a meeting but your phone is always on silent. In fact, you don’t care if you miss an important or lifesaving call. In addition to this, you are regularly switching your data on and off. So, why don’t you get rid of the phone?

3. You wait a moment to call back

You know you have this very important call to make but you take forever to call back. Meanwhile, that same number has called you several times. Why can’t you just make the call and get it over with? Because whether you like it or not, you must call back.

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4. Your friends always complain that you missed their calls

You can forgive women who miss calls because their phone is in their handbag or friends who miss calls and still call you back. However, it is different if you always miss your calls and your friends complain about it. You apologize but the same thing always repeats itself.

5. Your Missed calls is more than received calls

If you have phone anxiety, your list of missed calls will be more than received calls. This should not be a surprise because your phone is oftentimes on silent.

6. You always allow the call end

For people with phone anxiety, when they receive a call, they contemplate whether to pick it or not. No matter who is calling, they always feel uncomfortable picking the call. You prefer to allow the call end and decide if you want to call back or not. You have to call them several times if you really have something important to say to them.

Next time you see such people, don’t think there is something wrong with the person experiencing phone apprehension… they are just perfectly normal.

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