10 Struggles we face during harmattan as Nigerians

The season of harmattan which comes once in every year is upon us again.

Every year, harmattan blesses us with its presence and gives us some respite from the biting heat. A lot of people thought harmattan won’t come in 2016, but finally, it came with full force like hurricane. As much as we love it because the weather is cool and nice, but it’s too dry, and can get really annoying. So here are the popular harmattan struggles we face as Nigerians.

1. You wake up looking like this guy, White Walker

2. Some of you joints remains ashy unless you use moiturising cream

3. You wear heavy and hoody jackets to work and many other places so often

4. You car gets coated again with dust as soon as you finish washing

5. That shivering you experience when you mistakenly take your bath with cold water

6. Your lips aches because of painful blisters and cracks

7. You just can’t breathe properly while we’re still in the harmattan season

8. Fog covers everywhere and you just cannot see anything

9. You become Rub ‘n’ Shine expsrt wgile the season lasts

10 You can’t get enough sleep because of excess cold

Lol… How do you cope with the harmattan period?

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