7 Trusted ways to make-up with your Boyfriends after break-up

Every relationship has ups and down. It will surprise that most strong love birds out there have experienced break-ups many at times and yet they still find a way to come back and stick together.


You might’ve exchanged words, drawn swards and even went all the way to fighting, then you later decide that you’ve got to put a stop to all the rubbish and next you break-up with him.

This is just ok, but only if you’re very sure you don’t love him anymore, and that your heart is not disturbing you about what it’s missing.

We are human, and our heart sometimes acts in a weird way — like as if we’re not in control of it sometimes. The heart knows what it wants most times. The feelings, emotions and calmness will make you not to be at peace, so when you both have gone separate ways, that’s when you guys will begin to realize how much you love and need each other.

If this is your case, then you’re at luck already, because here at we will show you how to get him back in your life.

1. Check and ask yourself if he’s worth it

Is he fond of cheating and hanging out with plenty other girls aside you and you alone? The answer is simple my dear, don’t ever think of going back to him, so to avoid future pain and heart burn. It’s of no use going back to him if he’s always cheating on you.

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2. What caused the break-up and split

The first step to treating an illness is accurate diagnosis. You need to know what caused the problem. Was it from your end or it was his fault? Many a time, we lay the entire blame for the failure of a thing on our partner simply because we are the alternative. Even if he was at fault, you need to see the role you may have played in it.

3. Work on yourself if you’re the cause and have ever received attitude complain from him

Work on your attitude and let go of bad habits that you may have. Also, take out time to change your looks. This is an obvious way of attracting his attention since men are creatures of sight. Make a new hairdo, get yourself new outfits and engage in exercise. Stay away from other men.

4. How much do you really know your ex?

What kind of person is he? You stand a greater chance of having him back if you really know him, and the good news is, guys are basically single-celled, that is, you can easily predict when he really wants you back in his life.

5. Use and talk to his real friends to help you get him back

However, you need to be choosy about who you approach. Not every friend that smiles with you roots for your relationship with him. Intimate them of your plans and get their advise on how to go about it.

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6. Try to see things from his own perspection

Agreeing with him does not necessarily mean that he’s totally right and you’re wrong. Instead, it means you choose to see things from his point of view and acknowledge that his opinion is valid. Be humble in your approach and gentle with your choice of words.

7. Appologize or let him appologize for ever breaking up with you

Since we already established that both parties have their share in the blame, apologize for your faults. If your ex is thoughtful, he will naturally feel obligated to own up to his wrongs. However, you need to take some time before you implement this stage. Rome was not built in a day. Don’t try to rush the process.

So what do you think? Have you tried any of these tricks? Did it work for you? If you have any other opinion, go ahead and tell us.

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