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See 10 Artists that released lyrically empty songs in Nigeria

In Nigerian music industry, everything is accepted.

Nigerian artist are really creative when it comes to putting songs together. Photo: NET

It doesn’t matter weather the song is portraying any bad influence on the people that are listening to it. Song songs in Nigeria hardly have a well written lyrics, and as long as it’s dance-able, artist will simply tag it a party-jam track. Here we’re listing all the songs and artists we discovered that their songs never had a good lyric.

1. Terry G – Free Madness 1-3

Terry G Ferrari 1

Terry G is one of the most relevant artists in Nigeria when it comes to his relationship with the streets, but the songs that he is most known for is ‘Free Madness’ but this song like every other song on this list lacks lyrical content.

2. Lil Kesh – Shoki:

Lil Kesh 2

This song did a good job describing the ‘shoki dance’ in a confusing way. This song would have probably not made this list if the lyrics had properly described the dance move the song was all about. Despite the incoherent lines in the song, it was a club hit for reasons best known to the wonderful Nigerians who danced and still dance to the song.

3. KCee – Pull Over:

Kcee - Oh lolololo ebaeno. Photo; Filed

KCee is a star on the Nigerian music scene today because he’s been successfully making songs Nigerians who go the club can shake their body to. That’s the number reason; the second reason was his best career decision ever; to go solo (we all know who he separated from). This list would have been very incomplete if Pull Over wasn’t there because this song has all the good qualities needed to make this list even though nobody remembers there is a song like this.

4. Timaya – Gbagam ft Deettii & Phyno:


Timaya is very good at what he does; making club hits. But Nigerians can make do with occasional music with lyrics we can understand from Timaya. All dance with no message makes fans feel empty after dancing their energy out. Timaya needs to understand his songs are for people with brains that thinks, who as much as want to dance want to listen to lyrics they understand (not lyrics only the artist understands)

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5. Timaya – Bum Bum:


This is the second song Timaya has sung about ladies’ b*ttocks. One would have expected the second one of the two will take a different angle to the subject (yash); but no, Timaya decided to stick to his guns and feed his fans with very similar ‘non-content’. Bum Bum was no doubt a hit with no lyrical line to remember after you are done dancing. Well you should at least remember ‘bum bum’

6. Timaya – Ukwu:


Timaya tries to make his fans happy with club banger no doubt. But he does this to the detriment of what music should be all about. This particular song will only make you dance and if you’re watching the video can teach you some things most Nigerian parents wouldn’t.

7. KCee – Limpopo:


This massive hit has one of the best beats Nigeria has ever heard. At the same time it has one of the worse lyrical contents we’ve also ever heard. KCee could be heard repeating himself almost throughout the song. KCee needs to know that as much as Nigerians want something to dance to, we also want lyrics we can make meaning of; not disjointed lyrics you need a compass to trace and piece together.

8. CDQ – Indomie (Remix):

VIDEO: CDQ – Salaro

If you listened to the original song and you felt like ‘WTF was this whole song all about’, there is no doubt you will be more confused when you listen to the remix; particularly Davido’s part. It was obvious the artists that featured on the remix ran out of ideas on whatever it is they were saying as they all at some point had to start making reference to the producer as part of the lyrics. Olamide got so stuck on his part that he had to tell his listeners that he is drunk (like they didn’t already know?).

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9. DJ Xclusive ft. Timaya – Pangolo:

Photos from DJ Xclusive's UK Radio Tour w/ DJ Mustard, Nicole Scherzinger, Kind Ink 5

This song is actually a freestyle, but it made DJ Xclusive’s album so its understandable how it makes the list. While, the song is a feel good groovy song that makes one to instantly feel like dancing.

The song actually lacks lyrics that have a true meaning. At some point in the song Timaya said ‘We dey give them Pangolo’ and one stops to think about that line for second, but i’m not sure any of Timaya’s fan can make sense of that line.

10. Wizkid – In My Bed



Wizkid might be one of the biggest acts on the African planet right now, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a song that carries no basic theme and the lyrics totally off road and don’t even correspond with each other. We don’t know whether to categorize it as a shout-out song or a song that talks about wanting a lady in one’s bed.

Do you have more songs with no lyrical benefit that you will like us to add in this list?

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