10 ways the Police use to know Nigerian yahoo boys

The term ‘Yahoo’ is yet just another name for the well known internet fraud, and the guys who participate in this illegal act are termed as; Yahoo Boys.

Sometime ago in Nigeria, internet fraud wasn’t really recognized as crime, and that was when a song titled Yahoozee was released by a Nigerian musician, Olu Maintain. It actually encouraged all sorts of internet fraudlents in the country as it became the most popular song then. Nigeria is even known as the country where fraudulent activities exists very well as one of the social norms of making money.


However, the Nigerian law has already come against the act and the Cops are everywhere looking out for the so called fraufstars. Here at we’re going to let you know all the ways Nigerian Police use to know Yahoo Boys.

1. When you hangout wearing Bling-Bling

It doesn’t matter weither the gold chain is most likely not real gold. It’s either you settle the black men or reach station.

2. Walking aroung with Laptop bag

If the cops should sight you, they’ll be like; “Eyys. Come here. Is there laptop inside your bag? Where is the receipt? Are you carrying it around so you can quickly do the wire?”

3. When you have iPhone 6+ and you’re trekking

You mad to try it? Lol!!! They’ll be like; “Why are you walking on the road with an iPhone 6 plus? Oho! so you have money to buy iPhone but you don’t have money to buy car?”

4. You drive heavy car but doesn’t look old

“It isn’t your parent’s car, then where did you get money to buy it? And did anybody ask you whether you have a good job or not? Are the papers of the car even original or you downloaded it from the internet?” When you explain to them, they’ll just be like; “Let’s go to station first so you will explain very well.”

5. Once they notice an international number with you

They will ask you why you’re calling international number when you’ve not finished talking to people in Nigeria… Lmao!!! Whose business is it that it is your uncle that wants to send you small something? Is he even your uncle?

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6. When they sight a white person on your contact list

If you save a name with foreign name like, Celine Dion, they will definitely ask you if it’s that the American woman sending you dollars?

7. Ok now, you dress too well in very costly outfits

“Why is your shirt standing like this? Is it pounds you used to iron it? Why are you this dressed in the morning and you don’t have office? Is your work on the road or on your laptop?” And when you tell them that you like to dress well, you don enter be that bruh… Just settle.

8. When they get to catch you making usr of Western Union

Like seriously?! Dey never born you well to show a Police Officer that you can get money using Western Union… He will be like; “So you’ve been doing Yahoo to the extent that they’ve given you souvenir as regular customer abi?”

9. When you write a suspicious name at the back of your dpecial T-shirt

Lol… Na your papa be J Money? How did you come up with the name? In short, how did you get the money to customize such cloth?

10. When you have more than two in a car with a girl in the front seat

You know this one happens most times. You know that girl that has been there when you had no money, now that you’ve made it, you always make sure that she stays at the front seat of your car where ever you’re going with her or friends.

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So do you know other means the Police use to identify Yahoo Boys in Nigeria?

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