7 phrases Nigerians got from irokotv Jenifa’s Diary

The IROKOTV seasonal movie, Jenifa’s Diary was first released and aired in 2008. Since then, everyone have been rolling on the floor with much laughter.

Somehow, a lot of Nigerians have already adopted some of the slangs which they use till date from the movie casts. It’s so bad some of us have actually forgotten some correct English phrases. We are going to give you all the phrases we got from the Jenifa’s Diary movie.

1. Yels – Meaning Yes

2. What I do? – This one means, what have I done?

3. Wanever – it simply means Whatever

4. Henemies – This is how Falz says Enemies in the movie

5. How is your parenting? – It means, How are your parents?

6. It is you that sabi – this means, this is your own problem

7. I am priding in you – this means, I am proud of you

Have you watch Jenifa’s diary movie series? Maybe you should watch it ASAP, and or also give us the slangs you’ve gotten as well.

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