Top 5 facts about the Nigeria Police Force recruitment 2016

On August 20, Nigeria Police recruitment news revealed that, over 110,469 candidates was shortlisted by the Nigerian police force for the second stage of the police recruitment 2016 process.

The screening exercise always takes off with the aptitude test for Cadet ASPs for both general duty and specialists followed by the test for the Cadet Inspectors, and lastly also, for both general duty and specialists. The Constables from both cadres takes theirs afterwards.

In-case you never know already, we have vital facts that anyone applying for the Nigeria police force recruitment should know. Especially when you are planning to apply again.

1. List breakdown

The PSC chairman gave a full breakdown of those that qualified. Here it is:

Cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police – 22,454 – made up of 10,290 for general duties and 12,164 specialists; Cadet Inspectors – 24,456 – made up of 11,639 for general duties 12, 817 for specialists and Constables – 63,559 – comprising 40,492 for general duties and 23,067 for specialists.

115 applicants were arrested for breaches ranging from document forgery to impersonation and others. Some candidates were screened out of the exercise for being over-age, falsifying or forging documents, tattoo marks, and having physical deformities.

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2. The aptitude test

Each candidate that is shortlisted will receive a mail, giving instructions on where and when to write the recruitment test. Cadet Assistant Superintendents will write first, while Cadet Inspectors will write theirs afterwards. Then the constables will write their aptitude test lastly.

3. List checking

The master list for each state will always be sent to all state commands to paste at command headquarters and examination centers. Therefore, all shortlisted applicants can visit police commands in their respective states to check for their names on the master list, if by any chance fail to receive emails.

4. Screening

The checking of documents and physical screening of specialists is always involve in the process of getting into the exam hall. It has been previously stated that all candidates must have the following documents: first school leaving certificate, certificate of state origin and class of degree or diploma. Falsification or forgery of such documents will lead to prosecution of the offender according to the PSC.

5. Luggages at the Test centers

Never go to the exam premises with Luggage as There will be Dog sniffers, Bomb experts in the venue. It was suspected that the exam may attract the tourists.

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Are you planning to undergo the next recruitment exam?

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