5 ways to stop your husband from side chick infidelity

It is good to get married and also celebrate happy wedding anniversary, but the greatest challenge most times is avoiding cheating for happy married life.

Luckily, we have found five ways you can actually stop your husband from ever thinking of cheating on you, using side chick infidelity:

1. Don’t hide who you are and your real self from him


No matter how ‘crazy‘ or unstable you think you are, you will always find someone who loves the real you. If you pretend to be who you’re not, then change drastically after you are married, your husband will begin to rethink his choice and look out for a better woman.

2. Build up strategies to tackle your marriage battles


If your husband gets on your nerves or does things you don’t like, find effective ways to tell him and stop the problem. If you keep screaming and nagging 24/7, it will become routine and he will get used to your antics and seek comfort in someone who doesn’t nag him all the time.

3. Maintain the looks that attracted him to you


In relationships, we tend to get comfortable because we have found someone and marriage is no different. Your small ‘forming‘ may be part of why he fell in love with you and if you become too relaxed and uninterested about looking good for him, he will search outside for that type.

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4. Be the best friend and companion he never had


Aside from marriage, the longest relationships people have are friendships. Friendships are easy and beneficial and make people feel like they truly have a companion for life. If you are his best friend and his wife, he will put you on two pedestals and will never want to hurt you in any way which includes cheating.

5. Prove to him that you will never be a cheat


Sometimes, even when you do everything right, your husband may just be a serial cheater who loves having side chicks. If this is the case, let him know you won’t stand for it. Accepting his side chicks will only encourage him to keep collecting them so refuse to be treated that way and let him know you want and deserve a faithful husband.

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