Nigerian Fashion Styles: 7 Serious mistakes men make

On every man’s road to dressing better and looking good, he learns quite a few things about fashion and style.

We always say, dressing for Nigerian men is not a big deal, but looking good especially, for men is one thing that always comes to mind whenever a new financial status is attained.

Here at we are going to point out the fashion mistakes that Nigerian men make.

1. Wearing straight ties with short sleeve Shirts

That’s a major fashion blunder. You’re no longer in high school. Preferably, if you must wear a tie, try bow ties instead. They look way better.

2. Wearing short socks underneath your trousers

It’s a total No No to wear short socks. The right thing to do is to wear socks that go way up to your calves, so when you sit, your skin remains invisible.

3. Wearing warped shoes

I know they might be your favorite and you’re not sure of finding them on any shoe shelf, please leave them at home. Some things don’t last forever.

4. Wearing suits with more than one Button

It’s considered a fashion blunder to button up your suit jacket. If it’s a suit with 3 buttons, button 2 and fly one. And, if it’s a 2 button suit, button up one and fly the other.

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5. Stalking-in over-sized (Baggy) shirts

Shirts aren’t supposed to be baggy. They’re supposed to fit to your body size! A good rule of thumb is to get a shirt that fits as close to your body as you can while you retain free range of movement in your arms.

6. Not matching your belts with your shoes


Matching your belt and shoes is a good rule of thumb for the dressiest of occasions, but that’s really the only time. It’s not necessary for business suits or any level of dress lower than that.

7. Wearing a Backpack over a suit

For goodness sake! Why would you put on a suit and a back-pack? Well, if you really don’t know it yet, wear any of your suit, but just know that a back-pack shouldn’t be worn over it.


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