What is the best age to marry? See what science proved to be the best

In case you are already in your late 20’s and you still haven’t found love, do not fret as science has your back covered.

What is the best age to marry? Science has a convincing answer to it

Life has something in store for you, so you can enjoy the last years of being a bachelor.

However, it was proved by science that 32 is the best age for marriage based on research, so let us explain why we said this:

Scientific data are there to support it, so rule out the possibility this is made to console all the singles. A sociologist, Nicolas Wolfinger, at the University of Utah was able to find an interesting information in his data analysis from the National Survey of Family and Households.

Fact also said that people who get married at younger age have more tendency of getting divorced. Seriously speaking, people who wed at their 20s, are twice more likely to divorce than those who get married at 25.

What is the best age to marry? Science has a convincing answer to it

Wolfinger made an analogy in this study: having your high school sweetheart as your husband or wife is exhilarating especially if you are still young. However, first love also comes with insecurity, jealousy and fearful doubts in the future. Having these negative traits with someone you live with under the same roof is the perfect ingredient for divorce. It was found out that the likelihood to have a divorce lessens by 11 percent until you reach the age of 32.

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What is the best age to marry? Science has a convincing answer to it

Though, it does not mean that marrying beyond 32 is good either.But past 32, the chances for a couple to have their marriage not working out raises by 5 percent annually. But remember that many couples do have marital issues and individual problem that might prolong their marriage.

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