Dating: 12 signs your girl is sleeping with someone else

Cheating in a relationship is one this that can tear hearts into shreds, especially when your partner is sleeping with someone else.

You might have your reasons for worrying that your woman will be unfaithful to you, but checking phones, social media, etc are usually the go-to move for those with questionable partners, but there are other things you can actually use to know when she’s really cheating on you.

Many ladies will not like this particular content though, but the truth must be exposed. And that is why we are exposing you to all the signs your girl is sleeping with someone else:

1. You unsually became more attracted to her

This might sound weird, but if a women enjoys frequent steamy romps her body releases pheromones – scented hormones that stimulate attraction in the opposite sex — which can increase your arousal. If you start to feel affected when you’re near her then she’s probably had some action recently.

2. She feels much happier than usual

In case you haven’t heard this about this one in particular, sex is a mood booster. According to a study, the more frequently you get down and dirty, the happier you stand yourself to become.

3. She looks prettier all of a sudden

When you get between the sheets, lots of different things happen to your body and you can’t see all of them on the surface. But a big giveaway is the increased blood flow to all areas which will leave her complexion looking flushed. This will actually make you find her more attractive because a rosy complexion indicates better health and higher oestrogen levels.

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4. She sleeps way too deeply

When a woman reaches climax, she has a 30% increase in the hormone prolactin immediately after intercourse. The hormone encourages snoozing and deep REM sleep, so if she’s had a restful night, it could be because of a recent tumble between the sheets.

5. She avoids any body contacts

Whenever hormone oxytocin is released which helps people feel bonded to one another, her desire to feel bonded will be satisfied meaning there’s no need to act clingy.

6. She Becomes Disrespectful

You can look for her to become increasingly disrespectful the more she desires to have sex with the other guy. You can look for her to complain about things she never complained about before. She will become more critical and disrespectful than ever.

7. She keeps distance from your reach

This one is totally obvious as whenever a girl starts to keep major distance from her boyfriend, that means anothe guy just got her sexually satisfied and she’s no longer looking for pleasure at that particular point in time.

8. She hardly picks your calls or text back

Most girls that knows that have really cheated on their boyfriend hardly pick or text back their boyfriends.

9. She smells of semen

This mostly happens when a lady fails to shower or clean up herself aftermath of the deed.

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10. She rushes to the bathroom

Just when your girlfriend returns from somewhere and the first thing she does is rush to the bathroom to clean up and sleep afterwards, something suspicious is happening.

11. She smiles sheepishly

The moment she sets her eyes on you after sleeping with someone else she will be smiling sheepishly even when situation does not warrant that smile. This may be due to guilty conscience.

12. She tries to avoid eyes contact with You

Another sign that your girlfriend just tumbled beneath the sheet with another dude is that she will avoid eyes contact with you during conversation. Try just to give her a suspicious look and you would notice discomfort printed on her face.

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