7 Funny bus-stop lifestyle that every Nigerian can relate to

In Nigeria literally, the bus-stop should be a place you board buses to different destinations.

However, there are so many other activities that take place at the bus stop while we normally wait for bus. These illegal activities at bus stops are the major cause of loitering and traffic congestion along major roads.

However, Nigerians are good at spoiling the image of everything and they succeeded in making every bus stop loose its core value. We have gathered 7 other things people in Nigeria do at the bus stop as they wait for bus.

1. People beg at the bus stops

7 bus stops activities every Nigerian can relate to

While waiting to board a bus, you will always find someone who will come to ask for help. Whether truly in need or not, beggars always will approach you for help at the bus stop.

2. Flyers are always shared at the bus stops


Nigerian bus stops have become the fastest place to disperse handbills. Irrespective of the time, there will always be someone sharing handbills or tracks.

3. Petty traders sells goods

7 bus stops activities every Nigerian can relate to

Bus stops in Nigeria are like mini markets. You get to see hawkers at some bus stops with their goods. They even get to display their wares across pedestrian pathway.

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4. Agbero (a.k.a Area Boys) are found mainly at bus stops

7 bus stops activities every Nigerian can relate to

They are fond of running after commercial vehicles to collect money. They even fight the bus driver if he refuses to give them money.

5. People waste their time playing lotto games

7 bus stops activities every Nigerian can relate to

Lotto game agents can be seen virtually at every bus stop in Nigeria. People play the game while waiting to board a bus.

6. Pick pockets hangs around at every bus stop in Nigeria

You have to be very vigilant once you are at the bus stop because some people loiter around the place just to steal from others. These set of people always look out for the slightest opportunity to rob you.

7. Food hawkers stays there too

7 bus stops activities every Nigerian can relate to

You can never go hungry at a Nigerian bus stop. You get to have options of food, drinks and snacks. Although, road user are advised not to drink and drive but alcoholic drinks are sold at the bus stop.

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