10 Things you can actually do with Danshiki

Dashiki clothing material is one of the most popular fabrics in Africa.

However, there are so many options to be explored with the fabric and designers are doing amazing things with dsshiki material.

We have found out those amazing things you can actually do with the Danshiki:

1. A Simple dress

Image result for a simple dress with dashiki

2. Jacket and Blazers

Image result for Blazer with dashiki

3. Kimono

Image result for kimono with dashiki

4. Shorts

Image result for Shorts with dashiki

5. Sweatshirt

Image result for Sweatshirt with dashiki

6. kaftan

Image result for kaftan with dashiki

7. Harem Pants

Image result for Harem pants with dashiki

8. Crop top

Image result for Crop top with dashiki

9. T-shirt

Image result for T-shirt with dashiki

10. Bikini

Image result for bikini with dashiki

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