20 Signs she’s the right woman for you to marry in future

You really, truly and completely start missing her as soon as she’s gone.

Relationships can be very complicated for guys when it comes to finding the right woman to marry in future. Well, without saying much though, we have gotten all the things that will help you find the right woman to marry.

1. She cares how your friends are doing.

She knows all your friends by name and is genuinely invested in whether or not your roommate Kate gets together with that guy she likes because they would be so cute together and she wants her to be happy.

2. You can go on trips together and not fight constantly.

If you can survive being in a nightmare spa resort full of screaming children, no clean towels, and weak drinks with old pineapple on the rim without fighting constantly, you have something pretty amazing.

3. You still catch her sneakingly checking you out.

She always thinks and sees you as the hottest human all the time you both are together and she’s also happy to let you know.

4. You share the same values.

You both want the same type of relationship, you know where you both stand on having children, and your goals for the future are the same. If you want to work until you’re 90, so does she. If you want to retire early and eat only pudding for the rest of your life, she’s cool with that.

5. She loves bragging about you.

She’s proud of you and thinks you are the coolest person she’s ever met. Her friends and roommates and coworkers know every little thing about you before you even meet them. You’re basically like a boy band she’s obsessed with that she also gets to date.

6. You hear your friends complain about their significant others and you can’t really relate.

Just keep it to yourself that you and your girlfriend have fun staring at blank walls and she’s incredibly supportive and thoughtful and compassionate. Not the time to share that info.

7. She’s your biggest supporter most times.

She believes you can do things even you’re not sure you can do because she has the utmost faith and confidence in you even at your lowest moments because she believes you are magic.

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8. You feel comfortable planning things way, way in the future with her alone.

You can buy concert tickets or book a vacation in advance without worrying if she’s going to break up with you or you’re going to break up with her before then because you trust her completely and she’s become such a part of you that your future together seems as certain as anything.

9. She makes sacrifices for you as you do the same for her.

And she thinks nothing of it because she genuinely enjoys making sure you’re happy and you feel the same way about her.

10. She likes the way you are, doesn’t try to change you.

She knows every messed up, weirdo thing you do when you sleep and when you’re awake and when you’re tired and when you’re cranky, and she’s OK with all of it in a way that you weren’t sure anyone ever would be. Because you have a lot of weirdo stuff.

11. Your friends are really and genuinely happy for you.

After suffering through countless drink dates and morning-after breakfasts with your horrible exes, your friends are so relieved you’re actually with someone who is as cool as you are because you’re truly right for each other, which is something they’d wanted for you for a long time now. It’s like seeing your really tall friend find workable pants, but instead of pants, it’s a person.

12. You’re completely honest with her about anything.

No matter how anxious or worried or nervous or scared you’re feeling, you know you can tell her anything at all and she won’t judge you. Sexual fantasies, awkward illnesses, a fight you had with your parents; anything.

13. She’s the first person you want to talk to when moment turns either cool, funny or weird.

You used to text your best friend all of this stuff but your best friend isn’t even mad about that because she’s so happy you’ve found someone you’re so close and connected with.

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14. She indulges in your guilty pleasures.

She knows you love sitting in track pants and eating an entire Funfetti cake, and not only totally accepts that, but sometimes she brings one home and lets you tear that shit up.

15. You always want to protect her life.

Even though she totally doesn’t need protecting. It’s just an impulse because you love her so goddamn much.

16. She always looks for your trouble and fights fairly.

She doesn’t get excessively angry or mean-spirited, and she doesn’t bring up old issues or low blows just to hurt you. She might be mad, but she wants to work it out with you, so you talk about it like adults who love each other.

17. She has her own life outside of your relationship.

She knows you two are going to function best when she does her own thing and you do your own thing and then you both come together and forget about the rest of the world existing.

18. You tell her you miss her when she’s gone, and you really mean it.

Like you say you wish she were there because you actually wish she was there. All the time. Maybe in, like, a live-in situation. A live-in situation with wedding rings. And all of our friends there. And then someone gives us fancy kitchenware.

19. You just can’t get enough of her presence.

Whenever she’s with you, her presence alone makes you happy like as if you won that lottery you’ve been hanging on for a very long time.

20. You always admire her physical appearance.

If you always wish to spend much time with her in bed then, she’s the right woman you should marry because that means the both you will definitely not get tired of each other forever, because you will always see her like as if you just hooked up with her for the first time in your life.

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