Top 3 Dance moves you never knew were created by Mc Galaxy

Nigerians loves dancing to songs.

mc galaxy

Mc Galaxy

Nigerian artists who understands this particular market strategy tries as much to create a new dance move for their fans in other to keep their songs and music videos trending for a very long period of time.

However, we have come with list of dance moves created by Mc Galaxy that went viral in Nigeria especially in Lagos state.

1. Sekem Dance

Sekem dancers are lovely to watch, the jolly sideways, back and forth moves is the beauty of the dance. On the 23 Jun 2014 After a successful dance competition which dished out lots of cheque to winners of “SEKEM” Dance competition, the Superstar comedian / musician finally drops an exceptional video to “SEKEM” which features Basketmouth and 2face doing their “SEKEM”.

2. Komolop Cholop Dance

Not stopping at sekem, “MC Galaxy” came in hotter than he has ever been with komolop cholop in 2015. This dance step has ever since been rocked in Nigerian parties even till date. I must say, the dance step was a little tricky than expected, it takes one to be a very good dancer to perfect.

3. Shuperu (a.k.a Shupe) Dance

Mc Galaxy known as the King of New Dance in Africa is came back with another new Dance titled Shupe. After the successful introduction of Sekem Dance and Komolop cholop Dance, He is back with a new Dance SHUPE to round up the year. Mc Galaxy’s Song Sekem was recently featured in Walt Disney’s Latest Movie titled Queen of Katwe which starred Lupita Nyongo, David Oyelowo and top Movie stars.

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