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3 Female celebrities Falvour N’abania has kissed

It’s no longer rumor that the Nigeria singer, songwriter, music instrumentalist and performer Flavour has been in relationships with famous female celebrities, following the fact that he has kissed most of them on set.

Female celebrities Flavour has kissed

Flavour N’abania

However, we decided to list all the top female celebrities this high-life music sensation have kissed on set.

1. Dillish Matthew

Female celebrities Flavour has kissed

Dillish Matthew who won the Big Brother Africa in 2013 is one of the female celebrity that Nigeria talented singer has kissed while on set. They kissed in his Ikworikwo video, where Dillish was the video vixen.

2. Tiwa Savage

Female celebrities Flavour has kissed

Nigeria singer Tiwa Savage is also one of the women that our six packs show off man Flavour who has shown us that he can get any woman at his feet after kissing Tiwa Savage on set in his “Oyi” video. And this was were his kiss scene actually started from.

3. Chidinma Ekile

Female celebrities Flavour has kissed

Chidinma and Flavour would have been the best couple as there is always a sign of emotion in their kissing video “Ololufe” where Chidinma featured Flavour.

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