BBNaija2017: Major slangs that will outlive #BBNaija show

#BBNaija2017 (Big Brother Naija 2017) edition has come and gone.

However, the ovation is still ringing out loud, and the loudest is even when the #BBNaija2017 is long dead and forgotten yet certain keywords and slangs used in the house are still trending everywhere in Nigeria.

Below are all the slangs used by the some the Big Brother Nigeria popularly known as Big Brother Naija 2017 housemates:

Who I be? – Na You – Their fada – Based on logistics

BBNaija2017: Major slangs that will outlive #BBNaija show

“At no point I ever tire for the House. Never! 25 Million? Collect & die!” Efe said.

So who else will win the slangs war if not the warri-screaming housemate, Efe Ejeba. In his outstanding final campaign speech, Efe took advantage of Tboss’s speech to come up with “Who I be” that introduced his speech. He ended up the speech with the resounding “Efe na you” coding. And, a Warri boy that has not said “Their fada,” “Their daddy,” that one no be Warri boy at all at all. Their ear!

Nah so

People are saying Efe should just kukuma marry Marvis make e for just end well. Hehehehehe… nah so them talk o. Based on logistics shaa, Eleme for Port Harcourt no far from Warri for Delta. ‘Nah so’ has been, but revamped by Marvis in the house, it sure has been taken to a whole new dimension. There is already a website for “nah so” originating from Marvis. But, based on logistics, whether Marvis will end up walking the aisle with Efe, no one can tell. Na aproko I just dey.

Weh done sir – Na the work weh we dey do

The comic rapper, Falz The Bahd Guy is having a song to himself as “Wehdone Sir” but Bisola has redefined this song altogether. I could attribute “Weh done sir” not “Wehdone Sir” to omotejohwo Bisola and not be wrong. “Weh done sir” most certainly happened when Bisola found out about the TTT drama. But, TTT shaa, weh done sir. You actually try, weh done sir once again. Na just the work weh you dey do be that.

Private Jet

Hmmmmmm… Tboss didn’t just seem dumbfounded and flabbergasted when AY threw that “Private Jet” joke at her at the AY live 2017 show; she was also, ehm, ‘flabberjested’. Isorite. Once I saw a post that read “A boyfriend that cannot use private jet to come and carry his girlfriend, is that one a boyfriend?” I knew it that this “private jet” thing is going for a ‘long marathon race’.

AY tackles TBoss #AYLive2017 #TheNewsGuru #TNG

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See Gobe – Waawuuu

I just want to mention “See Gobe” and Waawuuu in a passing. “See gobe,” the theme of the #BBNaija2017 is not a new thing, but its longevity has been extended given the reason of the Big Brother Naija 2017. The Risers would understand “Waawuuu” better, but “Waawuuu” dey enter every other person kidney. Lets not forget “Good Stuff” thing. Dabbing is a thing now, but that “Good Stuff” gang thing is adding to the fray.

We cannot just monopolize it anyways, so over to you. Which of the slangs moved you most?

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