5 Things most Nigerians miss when they’re abroad

Nigeria is a tough country, but when you leave, you will certainly miss a lot.

Every Nigerian dream is to travel out of the country and miss it from outside, and that explains many things. So the question was posed on various platforms as to what Nigerians living in the diaspora miss most about home, below are some of the answers that were most common.

1. Nigerians are funny people

5 Things most Nigerians miss when they're abroad

When humans are in a bad situation, they find different ways to cope. Nigerians use humor to cope. One thing most people miss is the Nigerian sense of humor which tries to make light of every situation no matter how bad.

2. Nigerian food is always delicious

5 Things most Nigerians miss when they're abroad

This is usually the number one complaint of most Nigerians abroad when asked what they miss. It is therefore not strange to see Nigerians eager to patronize a Nigerian restaurant outside the country. Someone mentioned Gala and Fan Yoghurt, meat pie, Guguru and groundnut, Egusi soup and so on.

3. Hustling in Nigeria is real

5 Things most Nigerians miss when they're abroad

In most Nigerian cities especially Lagos, life is unpredictable. Traffic, poor internet, erratic power supply and frustrating government officials will have you making last minute changes all day. This leads to a life of adventure, which many actually miss when they travel to a country where everything works as expected.

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4. Our culture is the heritage

5 Things most Nigerians miss when they're abroad

From the language to the style of dressing, the culture shock when you move out of the country will have you homesick for Nigeria.

5. Festivals

5 Things most Nigerians miss when they're abroad

On Quora, Wemi Ibidun says: “Yes, I miss ‘owanbe’. I miss attending weddings, birthdays, church programs.” Nigerian living is punctuated with regular festivals and parties. This might be same with many countries out there and this is what most people miss about the country.

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